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For over 25 years Dr. Bloom has volunteered his time and expertise as a veterinary dermatologist, both at MSU and at his clinic, to train veterinary students and veterinary dermatology residents. He has tried to improve the practice of veterinary dermatology by lecturing to veterinarians and visiting their practices all over the country and the world. Representing the American College Veterinary Dermatology®, he has lectured pro bono to veterinarians in regions of the country that are underserved by veterinary dermatologists (most recently Medora ND - look that up on a map!)

Over the last 6 years, he has given scholarships to 34 students = granting over $134,000.00 of education to those who need it most. Dr. Bloom has also provided the salaries for a large animal surgical resident and a large animal medicine resident, facilitating further the education of veterinary medicine specialists.


When Dr. Bloom’s mother passed away in 2011, the Blooms decided to establish an endowed scholarship in her memory, the Frances Melman Fisher Memorial Fellowship.

When Frances Fisher was a young adult, she was the first member of her family to attend college. Coming from a working class family, this was only made possible by the generosity of those who granted her a number of scholarships. She became an elementary school teacher. She had a lifelong passion for education, a love of animals and their welfare, and a great generosity of spirit.

These qualities led the Blooms to sustain her memory by establishing this scholarship. Every year, a select group of veterinary students is awarded financial support to fulfill their dreams of becoming veterinarians and helping animals. “My mother gave me my love of animals”, Dr. Bloom said. “And she didn’t only pass that love of animals to me – she was a fantastic educator who imparted that love of animals to her students as well. We wanted to fund a scholarship that would continue in perpetuity – we didn’t want it to be a one-time award. The endowment is making that happen”. Over the last 6 years, he has given scholarships to 34 students = granting over $134,000 of education to those who need it most.

In 2020, during the COVID crisis, Dr. and Mrs. Bloom decided to offer additional scholarships to any veterinary student who needed but failed to receive a scholarship. This allowed 143 students to receive scholarships totaling almost $500,000.

Help for Animals

Susan and Dr. Paul Bloom generously offered to build a brand new facility for Smokey Acres so that we can more effectively care for our growing community of cats. We are currently caring for 14 cats. We hope to begin construction in 2017 allowing us to better serve our feline and human community by providing lifelong sanctuary for cats with special needs. 

Sometimes when clients come to the MSU College of Veterinary College Teaching Hospital, the cost of treatment is more than they can afford. Fortunately, there is a help: the Lucky Fund, the Iron dog Fund, and the Bloom Fund.

The Lucky Fund and Iron dog Fund are designated for small animal owners. Dr. and Mrs. Bloom established their fund in 2011. Thanks to their generosity, now there is support for owners of large animal “companions.”

The Blooms are well-acquainted with large animal companions. In addition to their dog and four cats, they have five horses, including two boarders, two adopted mini donkeys, two sheep and one goat. Dr. Paul and Susan understand the close connection between owners and their animals, no matter the size or species.

As you will read in "Police Horse Casey", the Bloom Fund is accomplishing exactly what Paul and Susan wanted. No matter the size, large or small, help is available at the CVM for animals who will benefit from a second chance.

The Paul and Susan Bloom Fund helps pay for the care of companion large animals (horses, sheep, goats, pigs, etc) whose prognosis is good and whose owners express financial need. Clients participate in the treatment plan of the animal and participate in a payment plan to the best of their ability. With your contribution, you can join the Blooms in providing support to families who need financial assistance for the life-saving care of their companion large animals. 

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