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Bloom Animal Hospital is a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Hospital! But what does this mean for your pet?

The goal of a Fear Free certified professional is that they want your pet to be less anxious when he/she comes for his visit. Many times this can begin at home with the owner. (Learn more about creating a Fear Free Happy Home at Our goal is to reduce fear, anxiety and stress for your pet from the time you are preparing to come here (the car ride/cat carrier), during the examination/procedures and upon leaving. Although we may not be able to prevent 100% of discomfort at the veterinarian we strive for a more pleasant experience for all involved. Here is a list of things that we do to help alleviate fear and keep your fur baby comfortable and relaxed:

  1.  We have signs in our parking lot to call in when you arrive, this enables you to wait in the car with your pet until it is your turn and you can be taken directly into an exam room.
  2. Exam rooms are prepared in advance with pheromones to help relax your pet (cats and dogs have different pheromones) and we also have calming music playing in the rooms. Pheromone diffusers emit calming substances into the air, and pet-friendly music works its calming effect on the central nervous system. (Some clients benefit from this, too!) Staff will often spray their lab coats/scrub tops with these pheromones so that they can also help calm your pet.
  3. WE HAVE TREATS! Bring your dog or cat in hungry because our Fear Free team members will be giving your pet delicious treats! We have many high value treats that patients love and we keep notes in their medical records for follow up visits so we know what really keeps them happy! If your pet is on a special diet please bring that with you so that we may reward them throughout the visit!
  4. We have non-slip mats on every table and we also have pre-treated towel with the pheromone spray in our exam rooms.
  5. We always try to keep your pet in the room during any exam or procedure. Sometimes it is not possible to do so but every pet is treated with the same gentle techniques whether they are with you or away from you.
  6. Once we have seen your pet for their initial visit we can decide if anti-anxiety or other calming medications would help for future visits and we can direct you on how to use those. We can also discuss Fear Free sedation as necessary.
  7. We have a Fear Free entry in our medical records that helps us to keep track of everything related to your pets emotional response to their visit. This includes where the exam took place (table or floor), what treats they like the best, their response to any procedures that were performed and how we can improve going forward. This will help to make future visits even better.


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